February, 2013

Embraer Executive Jets Phenom 300 First Flight

Way back on December 5th, 2012 I again had the privilege to shoot the second first flight for Embraer Executive Jets in Melbourne, Florida. This time it was the Phenom 300.  This was the first Phenom 300 built in the United States outside of Brazil and the video crew along with the employees who helped to put it all together were all very excited to see this bird fly for the first time. This time around we had a few more cameras to get a lot more coverage than we did with the Phenom 100 first flight. We covered the event from pre-flight to post flight with several Panasonic cameras as well as a couple of GoPros mounted on the inside of the jet. Long after the Phenom 300 was out of sight from the ground cameras I was still excited knowing that I was going to have footage from not one but two GoPros mounted inside to edit with. I have to say this project turned out to be one of my favorites. It’s not too often you get to have a 9 million dollar subject to shoot with. Feel free to check out the final video on the portfolio page as well as several other Embraer videos we’ve done.