June, 2013

Working With The New Adobe Creative Cloud

This past week I took the plunge into the new Adobe Creative Cloud. Never sure what to expect when dealing with updated versions of programs that are the cornerstone of what I do I was pleasantly surprised and excited. One of the programs I am excited to work with is the new “Speed Grade”. This stand alone color correction program looks to be an exciting way to help get those two, three or four camera shoots into a uniformly matching color scheme without the tedious time of eyeballing back and fourth. Another update that I’m looking forward to is Premiere’s new multicamera syncing options. In the past syncing several cameras together meant looking for the slate peak in the waveform (if you were lucky to have a slate). Now Premiere offers the option of audio syncing on it’s own with the simple click of a button within it’s multicam option. ¬†Having spent years working with Final Cut Pro as well as the Adobe Suite I never would have thought Adobe would catch up to Final Cut. Not only has it caught up but it has gone beyond expectations. The one downside to the new CC was that Adobe has discontinued it’s DVD/Blu-ray option of Encore. Adobe’s reasoning behind this was that this deliverable format has become obsolete and has given way to digital formats viewable on tablets, phones and computers. Although I agree there are still those clients that want DVD/Blu-ray options and it’s still nice to be able to supply the paying clients with whatever format they would like. To satisfy this deliverable necessity you will have to download Premiere CS6 and use that version of Encore. A bit of a workaround but workable none the less. I look forward to the upcoming months of exploring more into everything else that the Creative Cloud. has to offer.