September, 2013

Working With The United Way Of Indian River County

Last month was another opportunity to put our skills to helping others. We spent two days capturing the stories of several people whose lives have been changed by the dedication and work of the United Way of Indian River County. Stepping into people’s lives for several hours is common in this field and usually it’s to capture a business, a product or some sort of promotional event. People sharing what they are proud of is usually easy in those situations. In situations like this it becomes a lot more personal. People who aren’t used to being in front of a camera are now asked to tell their story in an attempt to help others in similar situations like themselves. They have no direct benefit from doing this. Their product or business isn’t trying to increase sales or foot traffic. They aren’t having a sale on last years products and everything must go. They are doing this because they have benefited from assistance and this is their way of paying it forward for the moment. We shot three great, compelling stories over those two days and the final video captures only a part of what makes these people so strong. Shoot all the car commercials, doctors offices and retail business broadcast spots you want. It isn’t until you work on projects like this that you truly appreciate the things in your life that you take for granted on a daily basis and admire the work that organizations like the United Way do behind the scenes every day. Check out the video here.