June, 2014

The Coolest Shoot We’ve Done – Glacier Tek’s Cool Vest

Florida gets hot. Real hot. If you live here you know what I’m talking about. So last month when we had the opportunity to work with a local Melbourne company Glacier Tek to produce several videos for their Cool Vest product we were pumped. We shot on location in their Melbourne facility as well as several other locations around Melbourne showcasing the amazing product that is Cool Vest. From doctors to engineers, every person that put on a Cool Vest was blown away by not only the quality and craftsmanship of the product (every part of the Cool Vest is made in the USA) but also the fact that it kept you incredibly comfortable in the hot Florida sun. We took the time to set up and shoot several Cool Vest examples as well as the facility it is manufactured in. We also went to several locations around town to capture Cool Vest in action. Take a moment to check out one of the six videos here. If you’d like to see more visit Glacier Tek’s Cool Vest website here. We’ve now made Cool Vests a part of our equipment check list for all our outdoor shoots.