May, 2015

A Tech Toys 360 Shoot For The Meanest V-REX In The Park

A few days ago we were in South Florida doing a shoot for Discovery’s Velocity channel show “Tech Toys 360” when we encountered the elusive V-REX motorcycle. Being a person who has never been on a motorcycle I was completely intrigued by the design of this machine. Incredibly futuristic looking and supposedly fantastic handling. We shot a couple of interviews, some interior b-roll of the facility with the GH brothers and the three axis GoPro gimbal on a boom pole. Then we moved to the action shots. We stuck the GoPro Hero4 on different parts of the bike to get different perspectives of it in action. We also shot it from the back of the truck while two of the V-REX bikes followed behind. We are definitely looking forward to checking out this episode in the coming months and plan on linking to the video via our Facebook page.