August, 2015

5 Photos…Go!

It’s always fun to be challenged by video projects. Sometimes it’s the challenge of how to shoot a product or business that might be difficult to showcase via video. Sometimes it’s the challenge of cutting it together to make something unique. Usually the jets manufactured by Embraer aren’t a challenge to capture or cut. The coolness of their jets always make it easy to shoot and edit because they really don’t have a bad angle. The challenge ends up being, in this case, that there wasn’t a jet to shoot. It’s just five stills. Five 3D, computer-generated, exterior images of a Legacy 450…and we need to make the lights turn on and off inside of the stills. With the help of the Embraer Executive Jets’ marketing department we ended up producing a fun, quick teaser that everyone seemed to enjoy…until the first ones are built in Melbourne. Then we’ll get to have a lot more fun.