Josh Malyn

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 I began working in video production back in the early 90’s as an art director on an independent feature film in Erie, Pennsylvania. With this I had the opportunity to work on a collaborative effort with many talented people to create a hour and a half movie. I continued my experiences working on small independent films as a grip, location scout, assistant editor as well as several other positions. With this I learned the fundamentals of editing and shooting from veterans in the field who were more than happy to share their knowledge of what it takes to put together a quality production.
In 2005 I moved to Melbourne, Florida with my wife and acquired a position with a multimedia production company in Orlando. I had the good fortune to work and develop my skills on productions as the head editor and videographer. After several years of work in Orlando I decided to try my hand at this alone. With the abilities to write, shoot, and edit I began working as a freelance editor/videographer at the beginning of 2008. Although the new challenges are daunting the reward of creating unique video productions for clients is quite fulfilling. With the realization that not everyone gets to do what it is they love to do I keep this in the front of my mind while I continue to try and create
compelling, quality video putting a little bit of myself into every one.