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5 Photos…Go!

It’s always fun to be challenged by video projects. Sometimes it’s the challenge of how to shoot a product or business that might be difficult to showcase via video. Sometimes it’s the challenge of cutting it together to make something unique. Usually the jets manufactured by Embraer aren’t a challenge to capture or cut. The coolness of their jets always make it easy to shoot and edit because they really don’t have a bad angle. The challenge ends up being, in this case, that there wasn’t a jet to shoot. It’s just five stills. Five 3D, computer-generated, exterior images of a Legacy 450…and we need to make the lights turn on and off inside of the stills. With the help of the Embraer Executive Jets’ marketing department we ended up producing a fun, quick teaser that everyone seemed to enjoy…until the first ones are built in Melbourne. Then we’ll get to have a lot more fun.

A Tech Toys 360 Shoot For The Meanest V-REX In The Park

A few days ago we were in South Florida doing a shoot for Discovery’s Velocity channel show “Tech Toys 360” when we encountered the elusive V-REX motorcycle. Being a person who has never been on a motorcycle I was completely intrigued by the design of this machine. Incredibly futuristic looking and supposedly fantastic handling. We shot a couple of interviews, some interior b-roll of the facility with the GH brothers and the three axis GoPro gimbal on a boom pole. Then we moved to the action shots. We stuck the GoPro Hero4 on different parts of the bike to get different perspectives of it in action. We also shot it from the back of the truck while two of the V-REX bikes followed behind. We are definitely looking forward to checking out this episode in the coming months and plan on linking to the video via our Facebook page.

Sometimes The Most Exciting Shoots We Just Aren’t Allowed To Show You

Due to the security nature of some of the shoots we do, we aren’t always allowed to share our work. But man we’d love to. We’re hoping to be able to show you, very soon, a project we worked on for 6 months documenting the construction of an attack aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. Within that six months, we traveled back and forth to Jacksonville countless times. We monitored time-lapse cameras as well as real time documentation of the aircraft being built. We also got to shoot the first flight along with the roll-out ceremony. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience which we hope will turn into a twice in a lifetime experience. Check back very soon.

The Coolest Shoot We’ve Done – Glacier Tek’s Cool Vest

Florida gets hot. Real hot. If you live here you know what I’m talking about. So last month when we had the opportunity to work with a local Melbourne company Glacier Tek to produce several videos for their Cool Vest product we were pumped. We shot on location in their Melbourne facility as well as several other locations around Melbourne showcasing the amazing product that is Cool Vest. From doctors to engineers, every person that put on a Cool Vest was blown away by not only the quality and craftsmanship of the product (every part of the Cool Vest is made in the USA) but also the fact that it kept you incredibly comfortable in the hot Florida sun. We took the time to set up and shoot several Cool Vest examples as well as the facility it is manufactured in. We also went to several locations around town to capture Cool Vest in action. Take a moment to check out one of the six videos here. If you’d like to see more visit Glacier Tek’s Cool Vest website here. We’ve now made Cool Vests a part of our equipment check list for all our outdoor shoots.

This Shoot Was For The Dogs – Video Production For Richell USA

It’s common to hear that working with dogs and children are the most difficult shoots. I beg to differ (pun intended). We spent three days shooting ten product videos for Richell USA in Vero Beach, Florida and enjoyed working with the talent every day. Richell USA produces wonderful, high-quality pet products for the home. Their products are beautifully constructed and really looked great inside the houses we were shooting in. We are proud to say that all of the videos we produced for Richell USA will be used to showcase many of their products at future trade shows as well as on We are looking forward to working with Richell again in the future on many of their other products. It’s not too often we get to work on productions were the talent works for cookies, belly rubs and doesn’t mind taking naps in between shoots! Check out one of the ten videos here.

Working With The United Way Of Indian River County

Last month was another opportunity to put our skills to helping others. We spent two days capturing the stories of several people whose lives have been changed by the dedication and work of the United Way of Indian River County. Stepping into people’s lives for several hours is common in this field and usually it’s to capture a business, a product or some sort of promotional event. People sharing what they are proud of is usually easy in those situations. In situations like this it becomes a lot more personal. People who aren’t used to being in front of a camera are now asked to tell their story in an attempt to help others in similar situations like themselves. They have no direct benefit from doing this. Their product or business isn’t trying to increase sales or foot traffic. They aren’t having a sale on last years products and everything must go. They are doing this because they have benefited from assistance and this is their way of paying it forward for the moment. We shot three great, compelling stories over those two days and the final video captures only a part of what makes these people so strong. Shoot all the car commercials, doctors offices and retail business broadcast spots you want. It isn’t until you work on projects like this that you truly appreciate the things in your life that you take for granted on a daily basis and admire the work that organizations like the United Way do behind the scenes every day. Check out the video here.

Working With The New Adobe Creative Cloud

This past week I took the plunge into the new Adobe Creative Cloud. Never sure what to expect when dealing with updated versions of programs that are the cornerstone of what I do I was pleasantly surprised and excited. One of the programs I am excited to work with is the new “Speed Grade”. This stand alone color correction program looks to be an exciting way to help get those two, three or four camera shoots into a uniformly matching color scheme without the tedious time of eyeballing back and fourth. Another update that I’m looking forward to is Premiere’s new multicamera syncing options. In the past syncing several cameras together meant looking for the slate peak in the waveform (if you were lucky to have a slate). Now Premiere offers the option of audio syncing on it’s own with the simple click of a button within it’s multicam option.  Having spent years working with Final Cut Pro as well as the Adobe Suite I never would have thought Adobe would catch up to Final Cut. Not only has it caught up but it has gone beyond expectations. The one downside to the new CC was that Adobe has discontinued it’s DVD/Blu-ray option of Encore. Adobe’s reasoning behind this was that this deliverable format has become obsolete and has given way to digital formats viewable on tablets, phones and computers. Although I agree there are still those clients that want DVD/Blu-ray options and it’s still nice to be able to supply the paying clients with whatever format they would like. To satisfy this deliverable necessity you will have to download Premiere CS6 and use that version of Encore. A bit of a workaround but workable none the less. I look forward to the upcoming months of exploring more into everything else that the Creative Cloud. has to offer.

Shooting The NISH AbilityOne Honor Roll for Veterans Award Video

Several months ago I was called by an out of town production company to shoot, what I was told to be, a disabled veteran video for a company out of Washington DC. As per usual with out of town clients I usually never get the full details of what I’m specifically needed for. It’s usually a request for certain equipment, certain types of crew or a certain style they want. As the dates got closer I was fed more information about what we were doing and what we needed to capture. Although the topic and situation we were going to be working on was a heavy one I became excited to hear that we’d be working at Patrick Air Force Base in Satellite Beach, Florida for a few days. Working with companies such as Lockheed Martin and other military simulator design companies  in the past I was hoping I’d get to shoot some aircraft, soldiers or even some cool military vehicles once again. Not the case this time. This shoot wasn’t about the power of military but more about the power of one man. One soldier to be specific. Edward Johnson Jr. was who we were going to be following for two days. Ed is an Iraqi War veteran who was shot in the back of the head by a sniper. I won’t get into the details about his story. I’ll leave that to the wonderful video produced by Richfield Productions. I will say that working in the world of car commercials, local business website videos and corporate promotional productions I rarely get to work on productions where there is such an emotional story behind the work.  We spent two days capturing Ed’s story as well as the stories of Ed’s coworkers and family. We all see the stories of courage and hope of veterans returning home with disabilities on the nightly news but it isn’t until you have the opportunity to work along side one of these brave people that it really impacts you. We shot everything off of a Panasonic HVX-200, HPX-170 and a Panasonic GH2 with audio recorded on a Zoom H4N. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what equipment was used but how and what it was used for. I’m privileged to say that I was apart of this short two day production and proud that I was able to help tell the story of Ed Johnson Jr. and the award he so deserved. Click on the link below to check out Ed’s story.

Embraer Executive Jets Phenom 300 First Flight

Way back on December 5th, 2012 I again had the privilege to shoot the second first flight for Embraer Executive Jets in Melbourne, Florida. This time it was the Phenom 300.  This was the first Phenom 300 built in the United States outside of Brazil and the video crew along with the employees who helped to put it all together were all very excited to see this bird fly for the first time. This time around we had a few more cameras to get a lot more coverage than we did with the Phenom 100 first flight. We covered the event from pre-flight to post flight with several Panasonic cameras as well as a couple of GoPros mounted on the inside of the jet. Long after the Phenom 300 was out of sight from the ground cameras I was still excited knowing that I was going to have footage from not one but two GoPros mounted inside to edit with. I have to say this project turned out to be one of my favorites. It’s not too often you get to have a 9 million dollar subject to shoot with. Feel free to check out the final video on the portfolio page as well as several other Embraer videos we’ve done.